Products & Services

External gears

Fabricated girth gears in Steel with maximum hardness HB 350.
We use a unique welding process to fabricate both small and large gears to ensure all material properties such as hardness and tensile strength are maintained together with the highest weld integrity demanded by these heavy duty applications. Fabricated girth gears combime shortened lead times for critical project-timelines with precision engineered excellence.

Casted gears in steel with max 350 HB.
Gears in high quality alloys obtained from renowned casting shops.

Casted gears in ductile Iron with max 360 HB.
Gears in e.g. quality GGG70 obtained from renowned casting shops.

Internal gears

Internal gears, generating method or single index milling and ground up to 6 meters diameter.

Pinions / pinionshafts

Forgings in high quality alloys with high tensile strength or case hardened, machined and ground to the highest quality. We also produce chain- and sprocket wheels in any size.


P. van der Wegen Gears is a specialist in the engineering of new gearboxes. We have been doing this for decades and have now engineered, produced and delivered over ten thousand gearboxes. From start to finish, including the (detailed) drawings, the parts lists and the instruction manuals.